"It was fantastic working with Andrew. Not only is he a consummate professional and polished every aspect of the prose, he also offered great suggestions for word replacement and plot consistency. He kept in regular contact over Skype and email, and gave me plenty of opportunity to discuss changes and style points. (Editors I’ve worked with in the past have simply handed over their version at the end of the process without much discussion.) Andrew even edited my blurb and front matter for me. I feel my book is a better product for having worked with him."

Ben Galley, Author



"Success in any project depends on the team you assemble and I knew without a doubt, within seconds of talking to Andrew that we would work well together. Andrew's notes were concise and to the point, which made my job as a writer so much easier and my finished product so much better. I highly recommend him as an editor and I will be using him again for my next book."

Steve Abbott, Author



"After working on my debut novel for seven years, I was anxious that I wouldn't find an editor who could meet my standards. Andrew immediately proved my fears were misplaced. He really connected with the story in a way that gave me confidence in his abilities. But the real magic was in his skill at sharpening the edge of the text to help it cut like a razor. If you're looking for an approachable editor who will work closely with you to preserve and strengthen your writer's voice, then look no further — I certainly won't have to for my next book."

MF Sullivan, Author
Delilah, My Woman


"Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with. He went the extra mile to ensure that I was happy with changes and that my writing retained the right voice. Our regular Skype chats, as well as updates of the manuscript as he progressed, made it a truly collaborative project. Having chatted to Andrew before we began, I felt so comfortable trusting him with my writing. He was passionate about the story and the characters and I knew he'd work hard to make them shine. I'm so happy that I chose to work with Andrew on this project and I'm eager to hire him for my next."

Chele Cooke, Author
Rack and Ruin